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Carpool Procedures


Drop off:  7:55-8:30
Students arriving after 8:30 must be checked into the office by an adult.
Pick up:  3:16

Students who are car riders will be given a car rider tag with their number.  Please help your child learn his/her number.

Vehicles MUST have the current year hang tag to pick up student!  If there is no hang tag, the driver must show a picture ID, and must be listed as an authorized person on the check out card on file.  

Students must enter and exit the vehicle on the passenger side.  Once loaded, please pull away from the loading area to fasten seat belts and car seats.

State law mandates school zones to be hands free!  Please refrain from cell phone usage while moving in the carpool line. 

Please do not pass other cars in line.

Our goal is to get our Tiger Cubs safely home!

Please note that student safety is our first priority! 
We will not release a student without the proper ID.  We cannot make changes to transportation via phone.  All changes must be in writing and signed/dated by parent/guardian.

Each family will receive 3 hang tags.  If you need additional tags, the cost is $2.



Bus Procedures

Students who are bus riders will be given a colored tag for their book sack.  The tag will match the bus color.  Any changes to transportation need to be in writing and signed/dated by parent/guardian.

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